Watching Whoopi

Ok, so the acupuncture guy told me to turn off the computer TWO hours before bed time. Yes, right ok. Well, I did manage to shut it off for a while, and I even watched Whoopi Goldberg on Broadway from 1985 without nearly NO facebooking. My plan was to head to bed after that, but then I read Amy’s post and dang! It made me want to update mine.

Whoopi rocks the stage in that old recording. The show is funny and terrible, too. Her material has funny parts but also deeply moving parts. It made me laugh out loud and cry, too. I think I needed the crying…

There is a new show 20 years later or something like that but I saw it a couple of years ago (while looking for the one I saw tonight) and I don’t think it’s nearly as good.

I convinced myself not to take any kind of muscle relaxant tonight…I was sure I would feel tired enough to sleep but not so far. Also I am so tight in my neck and back…my foot is all tingly too. Shit.

Randomly…I love Star Trek: TNG. As soon as my dissertation proposal moves on to the next stage…I decided I would let myself buy the whole series on DVD. Until then, I have to watch the few episodes I have saved on my DVR. I haven’t watched them in a while, but one is on now and damn, it’s smart TV. Darmok and Gelad at Tenagra.

Temba, his arms wide.


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