Locked out

There were signs, right? I knew I should have stayed home, but noooooo. Just had to go out, didn’t I? The dog was sickly. I’m tired and jet lagged. I got locked out of my office today with my phone and everything inside. I should have known. I have to work in the morning. My back hurts from all the strange sitting and waiting yesterday. Yeah, so, I defied the signs and went out. Uh huh. And locked my keys in the car.

So, ok, I have roadside assistance and thank goodness I tucked my phone in my pocket. So it’s not a really big deal. Except that I did it once before and when the guy came out, he scratched up the car and tore a little bit of the rubber around the edge, too. Which really bothers me. Like I’m ruining daddys car. Phooey. Ah well.


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