I am having a migraine. I seem to have had a lot of them recently. Back in the bad ol’ days, I was having some ridiculous number – 23 migraine days a month! Then, they got better. I don’t really know why. I have tried a lot of things to decrease them, and I really don’t know what finally worked.

Things I tried:

Imitrex (made me too sick and never did knock out the migraine

Nyquil (before I had health insurance – it helped me sleep, anyway)

Maxalt (worked better than the Imitrex, then my insurance wouldn’t cover it)

Relpax (helps a lot, if taken with Phenergan)

Acupuncture (which helps during a migraine)

Massage (I did have one massage therapist who seemed to make a difference – until he didn’t anymore)

Physical therapy (I had the PT for other reasons, but some things she did seemed to help with the migraines along the way)

I also tried to limit certain foods, but after I saw the list of 800 “common” trigger foods I gave that up and only did testing on foods I didn’t want to have to give up. As far as I know, chocolate does not cause my migraines. 🙂 I did discover while listening to Dave Brodbeck (part of the Thunderbird Six Podcasting Network) that some high sugar foods that I crave when migraining may, for a short time, actually decrease the pain in my head…I often crave Pop Tarts, which I am pretty sure have like, 2 cups of sugar in them. You have to listen yourself to figure out why.

Additionally, my life has been one, giant stress ball for…well, as long as I can remember, really. I know this can have an effect. I’m cool with that. The thing is, I am past several of the large current stressors. I passed comps (that big exam for the end of my doctoral program) and I am no longer running around like mad, doing work and classes and practicum. I am finishing my last (cheering) class, in fact, something that I am extremely happy about. Things are kind of settling down for me. Yes, there are two more hurdles, but they aren’t quite so pressing now.

So, why now? Why have I had 6 migraine days out of the last 10? WTF?


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