The church from hell

I live quite close to a church I fondly call “the church from hell.” When I first moved in, I had no particular feelings about living so close to a church, but then they put in that sign. The sign is a large led sign that was so bright when they first put it up that it literally lit up the entire upstairs of my house with an eerie red glow. As the words changed, the light came and went, hence the name.

At some point after installation they changed the intensity and the sign no longer puts out that strong red light, but the name stuck. I look at the sign regularly when I take the dog out, mostly to check the temperature. I know the sign’s text, pretty much, and I know how long it takes for it to come back around to the time and temperature.

I just went out with the dog – here it is just after 1 am. We wandered around from the front of the house and just as I came into sight of the sign, it said:

“Can’t sleep?”

I looked at it a long moment – and was thinking about my answer when it said:

“Don’t count sheep.”

I stood there, staring, till it said:

“Talk to the Shepard instead.”

I didn’t wait to see the temperature.


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