Party eating

One of the things I have read or heard over and over again is how hard it is for people to maintain their diets during holidays. I have mostly considered this to be unimportant for me. To tell the truth, I am not that social these days. I think I can almost remember at time in my life that I was more social, but nowadays, I really just don’t get out that much. And parties? Yeah, not many of those at all. So whenever I heard that idea, I always thought, well, if you do go to a party, you just eat before and then stay away from the snacks. It’s possible, right?

This week, I went out to a celebratory lunch on Monday to my favorite Korean place. Wednesday night I went to a Rockstar Storytellers show and there was a vegan bake sale. After the show, my date invited me out to a coffee shop. I don’t do coffee – I ate a lovely home made mac and cheese appetizer instead. Today I went to a graduation party – I did eat my healthy swiss chard, bok choy, chick pea salad-y lunch before hand – but I still ate potato salad there. Then I went to a choir party and guess what? Yeah, they had great food there too! I had some lovely whole wheat bread with cranberries, a few pita chips with hummus, and I think 3 pieces of home made poppy seed cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting. And this was AFTER I ate my dinner which consisted of jalapeno cheese bread (from a local bakery) with fake egg salad.

So much for my food things and my healthy plan.


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