Why is it…

that the finale of Monk left everyone happily paired up? I mean, I get that it was supposed to have a happy ending and all that, but why does the happy ending have to have everyone in love and married-marrying? Who says that’s really a happy ending?

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Why is it…

  1. Well Monk wasn’t really paired up in love…was he? (I was only half awake when I watched it). I kinda thought it was more of a fatherly-daughterly thing.
    I hate happy paired up endings. But that’s what everyone wants, right? To live happily ever after…

  2. Well, Monk was paired up with the daughter, a new attachment for him, a new obsession to replace his obsession with becoming a detective.
    You know what my point was, though, why is the only possible happy ending in pairs?

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