I was sick all weekend – perfect, right? That is definitely my style. I can go and go and go when I am working, but as soon as I have down time, I crash. Illness or migraines, take your pick.

Today, I have both. I am sick and now I have a huge migraine. I cancelled on my last appointment and could not stop thinking of donuts on my way home. I saw some on a recent trip to Cubs, the evil grocery chain. I saw these chocolate dipped ones…Enetmann’s, they were. There was a box of them, several different kinds, but all chocolate. Mmmmm.

I let the Cubs pass, both proud of myself for resisting the donuts, but also sad and aching. I didn’t just resist because I am watching what I eat. I was thinking about how they aren’t really food (by the food rules of Michael Pollan). Lots of ingredients, with names I can’t pronounce, made in a giant factory…and it came to me!


Carol’s! Carol’s restaurant is on my way home, and they make lots of desserts by hand…no giant factories, ingredients we can name… But I already drove past it. I considered turning around, then resisted again.

I was so proud of myself! I drove a few more minutes…and there it was! I hadn’t actually passed it yet. I turned at the next light and got myself some fantastic cake. I am only going to eat half of it. I’ll eat the rest tomorrow…


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