Secretive postings

Here’s the thing. I keep stopping myself from posting certain things because I am worried about who will read them. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and further, I don’t want to hurt myself in some way.

So, I am back to that idea again – who am I posting for? I think the answer is for myself. And if that is so, well, I already know, right, so there is no reason to keep secrets…

I’ve been sick all weekend. This gave me lots of time to think and to wonder. I maybe could have done some things that need to be done – like organizing my receipts, billing, looking at my dissertation, cleaning…wait, I did do some cleaning! I moved furniture around and vacuumed, too. Hm. Bonus points for me.

Anyway, I thought a lot about joining the military and what is keeping me out – namely my weight. My weight has been going down, but I am seriously at the point of doing something crazy to lose the weight. In fact, I did buy some diatomaceous earth to use for my dog and I have been taking it too…on the off chance that it would help. So, yeah, I am feeling kind of desperate.

Every time I look at the other possibilities they all seem ridiculous…

And now I can’t remember what were those secretive things I wanted to talk about here…


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