It’s a good life, right?

So, I am done with most of my doctoral work, just the internship and dissertation left. I mean, I know that they are big things, but neither are terribly pressing right now, so no big scary things. I am working and going to meetup groups. It’s practically like a vacation.

Meanwhile…I feel sick. To my stomach. Yesterday I thought it was because I worked out and didn’t eat in time, then had a couple of cookies. I thought that my elevated heart rate was related to the sugar. Meanwhile, I am having the same feeling today, no run and ate a decent breakfast AND lunch.

I feel like I am waiting for a bad report card, a bad, churny feeling in my stomach accompanied by an increased heart rate. I feel dread…but of what I don’t know!

It is another symptom of this depression, just a new kind of feeling bad.


3 thoughts on “It’s a good life, right?

  1. It is totally ridiculous. I did call my mom, though, which I thought might have been the cause. She totally said, “Don’t give up! I was praying my hardest.” “You know,” she went on, “what man thinks is impossible…to God, nothing is impossible.”
    Uh huh.

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