I like to accessorize. I mean it. Each time I get interested in a new activity, my first thoughts tend to be about what I need to accessorize that activity.

Gaming, for instance. Once I became convinced that I was interested, I started thinking about video cards and wireless headsets – two things I never even considered before.

Cooking new and interesting foods = new and interesting kitchen gadgets.

Even running – something I started doing because it was simple and I could do it anywhere – got accessorized. I had to have an mp3 player (now, this was back in the day, before ipods if you can imagine that) then as I moved to distance running I needed more and more memory on that mp3 player… You can imagine my excitement at the first ipods!

I also became convinced I needed running clothing – I think this really started my first winter in MN. Dude, you need running gear to run in the winter in MN. It’s fucking freezing out there.

Next I needed a GPS watch, to track those runs. Back to winter, and now I needed a doohicky to tell my GPS watch how far and fast I was running indoors.

You get it, right? I have collected lots of gear and gadgets over the years, for a variety of reasons. Next, about twice a year I become convinced that I need to consolidate these gadgets. Why do I have so many?! Do I really need an ipod, a phone, a gps watch, wireless headphones, the wireless doohicky for my too old ipod….?!?!?

I tried a couple of years ago to make my phone do it all. Which started with a new BlackBerry because my old BB didn’t have enough memory for my tunes. And then I needed some nifty BlackBerry apps. But it didn’t quite work, and going inside for winter required a whole new set of apps.

Today I spent time looking at BB GPS running tracker apps. It looked like the one people like most was the AllSports GPS. Which is cool and all, and only costs $19.99. Dude, that’s a great deal, right? This app keeps track of your runs and plots it on a cool map on the website………..

Wait, doesn’t my $169 GPS watch already do that? Without even going online? And without the mysterious satellite errors people complained about? While tracking my heart rate?

Here is where I remember that a) I’m kind of broke right now, b) what I already own is doing everything I need it to do, and c) all this time spent researching would probably be better spent uh…working?

Back away from the ‘puter, Insolita…nice and slow…


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