I noticed a funny (or is it sad?) thing

I wrote the last post a few days ago, then let it sit a while before publishing it. I wanted to think about it and decide what I wanted to do with this blog before publishing. As it happens, I really didn’t think about it much, except to remember it was here, hanging around, waiting for me in it’s unpublished state.

Meanwhile, I did manage to update the other blog. It wasn’t a very clever posting or amusing to anyone but me, really, but it made me think about how very divided I feel, sometimes. The thing I really wanted to post about was loneliness and depression, which belongs here. But the dog entered the story and so then it seemed to belong there. As if just because I’ve set up these two different blogs, somehow my life ought to divide up neatly into these two categories.

I was thinking about that as I was publishing the last post, and wondering some more about publicizing it…when I realized, hey, I have two facebook pages too. I could just publicize this on the corresponding facebook page!

Which made me think, wait, I have two facebook pages. My best friend was just saying how in the new facebook app on her iTouch she can customize her privacy settings when she “shares” something. I checked on my BlackBerry and I still can’t do that there. But then, I never need to. Want to know why? Because I post from my BlackBerry to my “real” facebook account. The one where I am all myself, no holds barred, (nearly) total transparency! “That’s your privacy setting,” my friend commented.

Now I can’t decide if that is sad or just funny.


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