Living with another person is not always easy. Sometimes it down right sucks. I’m not talking about your significant other, that is a whole other story. I am talking about roommates, people that live with you and share some living space with you – kitchen, laundry room, storage areas… that kind of thing. I have heard so many horror stories, I’m frequently amazed at how good it has been for me.

I have had three roommates in my lifetime and they have all been wonderful in different ways. Now, don’t go all crazy on me – I didn’t say they were all perfect. No one is perfect, not me or anyone I know, anyway. I am just saying I have had by and large good experiences with all of my roommates. Yes, there were things about each that were hard for me to live with, but that isn’t my point here. My point here is, my current rumi rocks, whatever her faults. And she is leaving me soon. 😦


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