Standing desk

Well, here we are again! I apparently abandoned this blog some years ago, and to tell the truth I don’t actually remember why. At any rate, nice to see you all! 🙂

As you know if you were following me with Bodhi, I did quite a lot of the work on my dissertation standing. Well, not standing, rather, walking.


I really loved that, because it felt like I was doing something besides staring for hours at the numbers, or making edits. There were a few months, there, that I really felt like the dissertation was all I was allowed to think about, and while doing anything else, I got the sensation I was running out of time, that somehow I was wasting time.

Now I’m in San Francisco in my new place and I got this terrific desk!

Bodhi and desk 20150808

But I’ve found that sitting at this desk, even in the amazing chair I got from a beloved co-worker, with the cool keyboard tray…is uncomfortable. The fact is, I still spend a lot of time staring at a screen. Sometimes for long minutes without moving. And no matter how good my posture is when I start, after I’ve been there 10 minutes, I’m all slumped over.

hunched skeleton

So I’m trying the standing thing again. I sold that beautiful treadmill, so I’m going to just try to figure it out here, with this desk.

Standing desk 1

Don’t judge, I gotta start somewhere!

I’d love for the box under the keyboard to be one that I could access, maybe something with a hinge. Yes, of course I can open this box, but it’s not quite the same. Also it might be one inch too low. And of course the box under the screen could be much more useful. I’ll keep you updated.


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