Every run is a good run


The best thing about having a treadmill is that if I feel like I can’t possibly run at all, I can say, “well, you could just walk. Slowly.” And if I get up to walk, after a while I start to feel like running. Sadly, tonight’s running was cut short by my neighbor coming up to bang on my door. I’m assuming that they didn’t might the walking so much, but the running was too loud. It wasn’t even 9:30 pm! Come on, what are the noise rules? Give me a break. They are much noisier than I am on a regular basis. And sometimes the music next door goes on till 1 am. For the record, I didn’t answer the door. I ain’t gotta open my door, you know. I learned that from my very best friend. Also, every run is a good run. I learned that from another great friend.


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