Here comes the sun…

Once, while I was living in Minnesota, someone commented to me that having the bitter cold helps you to appreciate the sun when it shows it’s face.

Snow angel 1
Yes, that’s me, making a snow angel.

At the time, I don’t think it meant that much to me, but I’m having a new appreciation for what she said today.

I mean, it’s true, right after I moved here I joyfully posted pictures of the sun day after day after day (after someone rudely told me I’d hate SF because according to her it rains all the time here – she also told me I shouldn’t be too hopeful about landing the job – jealous much?). I think I even called it the Sun Report on facebook. I loved that my part of town had such great sun and tried to spend a few minutes every day basking in it. I did. At first.

But after almost 4 years of drought (the drought has been going on for 7, I think, but I’ve only been here for this part of it), the big rains have been such a relief! And now, after the rain, the I do have a renewed joy for my time in the sun.

rain november sfgate
Gracias a SF Gate for this photo

What wonderful sunshine do you accept day after day? Is there any sunshine that you’ve not given it’s due because you’ve forgotten what it’s like not to have it present?

Bodhi in the sun 20150429


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