Disappearing Blog

I was puttering away in my kitchen, thinking, as I often do, in blogspeak. I was composing this fun blog in my head about how much I like to try new recipes, about how much I like making my own sweet foods, thus allowing me to avoid the whole processedsugaroreonutella death cycle, blah blah blah.

I turned to the Minimalist Baker, because she’s my favorite at the moment. And I found these Peanut Butter and Jelly Snack Bars. Who wouldn’t want to make/eat these?!

pb and j bars.jpg

They are vegan and gluten free – and I added no sugar to them. They do include some doctored up strawberry jam. Which is notable because I don’t actually buy jam, mostly because I don’t buy much bread. In fact, the whole reason I looked up this recipe is that I “inherited” some jam when I volunteered to clear out a community refrigerator.

The thing is, I hate to throw away food. And there were several very nice kinds of strawberry jam in this fridge. Like, no sugar added, bought from a fancy homemade yummies stand. The thing is, they were out of date (or I would have left them in there!). Two were dated 2014. But they were closed up tight! And there was no fur on top or funny smell…so I brought them home. But, now, there they sat, only in my fridge. As I considered what to do with them, I thought – if they are dangerous – cooking will probably help. I’d like to note that I am not, in any way, suggesting anyone else eat expired food.

So, I started out, full of hope and a desire for sweets. I stuck very close to the original recipe, since this was my first time doing it. After I got halfway through the crust I realized I don’t actually own an 8×8 pan any more. Oops. However, since I already had everything going, I…kept going. Everything smelled delicious! But when it came time to pour the strawberry mixture on the baked crust…


Yes, well. You can see now why I needed that pan. With the sides. Let me say for the record, I have never aspired to food blogger fame. I have tried to take beautiful pictures of food – believe me, my food tends to taste better than it looks. But when I looked at this mess, I really was saddened. And my imaginary blog – poof! – disappeared.

Meanwhile, I followed directions, which were to put “it” back into the oven for 15 minutes or so and then to let cool for 3 hours. Usually that is a direction that makes me laugh, because, who is waiting 3 hours to taste a baked good? Not me. But this one, I figured, could wait. I used some good ingredients, though, so I thought I’d put it in the fridge before heading to bed (cuz I can’t possibly throw it out) and see if maybe I could freeze it and break it up, use it as crumbles or some kind of topping for something else.

Today, when I got home from work, there it was, in the fridge. I figured I better do something with it. I took it out and cut a piece off. Woah. Stunningly delicious. And just like that, the blog is back!



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