Laptop Travel

Tonight my mom called to ask me to check on her Viki/Dramafever (Korean drama streaming channels) subscriptions. When we logged on to her computer there was an image of a tree sloth which pretty much revolted her…I kinda thought it was cute, something like this…


Anyway I clicked the “Like this image?” for her and said “No we don’t!” and after a couple of rejects it came up with an image of this geyser in Selandjafoss, Iceland.

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Not only did she “like” it, she gazed at it a long time in silence. After some 30 seconds I brought her attention to the cars on the road in the picture which gave us a sense of the scale of that geyser.

Can you imagine that?” she said, after another long pause.

I wanted to suggest that we go, that we visit Iceland, but I’m guessing she would just tell me that’s silly, that her traveling days are over. I’m glad she gets to see images like this, though, even if only by laptop.  We live hella far apart. I appreciate that sometimes technologies allow me to share a little awe with her.


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