Roller Coaster


What I really want to do is bang out a great blog post, but I also need to go to bed so that I can be awake and functioning when the attorney gets here in the morning. Here is the short (ha!) version of what’s happening:


1. Arrange to take the kiddo on my annual camping trip, understanding that kiddo may not be allowed to go.

2. Get the news that most likely kiddo will be able to go.

3. All hell breaks loose between social services and the kiddo’s family (this is a whole story that I plan to write about. When I have spare time).

4. Family states that kiddo identified me as a risk.

5. Get the news that most likely kiddo will not be able to go.

6. Meanwhile, trip date is fast approaching.

7. Kiddo tells attorney they do not want to go with me.

cedar point roller coaster

8. Social worker tells me that the attorney says that kiddo will need to testify in court 24 hours before the trip stating that they want to go with me in order to have a chance at going.

9. Social worker tells me it’s likely that the kiddo’s family will be in court.

10. Considering the kiddo’s history, I understand fully that the kiddo is torn. I also understand that kiddo may be under threat from other grown ups. I understand that they, too, are torn. They want their kiddo back. And they have decided I am not good for him.

roller coaster 2

11. Social worker asks me to make a trip to see kiddo to ask what they want to do.


12. Social worker tells me that they are going to also make a trip to ask the same question.

13. I stand down. I tell the social worker to cancel the trip idea. I cannot imagine kiddo in court, testifying that they want to do something that their family is opposed to.

14. I call the airlines to see what I can do about kiddo’s ticket.

15. Airline help desk person tells me I need to act immediately as the trip date is approaching, that I need to separate kiddo’s itinerary from my own, that kiddo could use that ticket for 365 days, that to get any kind of money back I’d need to provide documentation……..

16. In a haze of uncertainty, I follow directions and cancel kiddo’s ticket.

17. I pick kiddo up. We talk about it. I explain the trip is off. I do not blame kiddo. Or the family. Kiddo jokes unconvincingly.

18. I get a text message at 7:45 pm from kiddo’s attorney asking to come visit here at the house in the morning to talk about the trip.

19. WTF?

20. After I get the attorney’s assurance that kiddo will not be testifying in court, I say she can come.

21. I call the airline. I do not actually know that the court will grant the trip, but if they do, we need a ticket. Turns out the person I talked to in step 15 did not know what they were talking about. Kiddo magically still has a ticket. And it only costs me $129 extra to get his seat back.

Stay tuned.


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