Dating, dissertation, depression, debt…what do these items have in common?

Apart from the obvious…they are all issues that I am dealing with. With varying degrees of success.

Today I made calls to all my credit card companies in an effort to get the interest rates lowered so that I can keep my f-ing head above water. My ex and I are drowning in this debt. We have talked about debt consolidation, debt management and bankruptcy before. The thing is, everything is still on time and in good standing, I even try to pay a little extra every month. Bankruptcy is out of the question at this point, they want you to be months behind on payments before they will even start looking at you. And I don’t really want to be that far behind if I can help it.

The problem at this time is that the interest payment each month is so close to the minimum due that we are not making any kind of headway at all on them. We haven’t used any of these cards in more than a year, some for nearly two!

I’ll get into the details of the bills a bit later. Today I managed to get one company to lower my rate, but when I called on the last card, they referred me to NovaDebt. The terms the woman there talked about were good. I looked around online for reviews on the company and it looked pretty good. The BBB has them rated at A+.

Anyone else have any relevant remarks, review or referrals to offer?


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